wordless-bookThis week we heard this from one of our elementary schools…

“The Gold Page has been a hot topic of discussion at our elementary school after our first Good News Club last week.  The counselor was talking to a second grade class late last week and asked the children to name their favorite color.  Several of our kids quickly shouted “gold” and she was somewhat surprised and asked why they liked gold.  They apparently recited the entire Gold Page lesson, and she was really impressed with their understanding.  The teacher of that class also talked about it with the other teachers.

So cool that our kids are sharing the gospel with the rest of the children.”

Find out more about the Wordless Book’s Rich Heritage here: http://www.cefonline.com/about/history/wordless-book-discover-rich-heritage/

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Teana · October 21, 2016 at 10:55 am

Wonderfully encouraging to hear how the Lord is working!

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