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CEF is a church-assist organization focused on evangelizing and teaching children ages 4-14. Simply stated: CEF trains ministry teams of volunteers to conduct evangelistic events, usually outside the church walls. The Child Evangelism Fellowship serves churches and individuals by equipping them to fulfill the great commission as an ambassador for Christ – reconciling the lost with the message of the gospel.


Receive training and join a ministry team that works directly with children or provide hands-on support to a local group.


Like the churches and individuals that supported Paul and other missionaries, give to support CEF staff and volunteer workers so children can hear the gospel message.


Pray for the salvation and spiritual growth of children, the provision of God and the faithfulness, joy and welfare of workers as they seek to serve.

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What people are saying.

CEF VA Peninsula is hard at work spreading the news of the gospel.


"I want to thank you and your team for the enthusiasm with which you teach my son about Jesus during Good News Club."



" I was so excited to learn that here in Williamsburg there are Good News Clubs in the elementary schools! God’s love compels me to share His Gift with these precious children. What a blessed privilege!"



"I see the value of the work the Good News Club does to share the gospel with children who, frankly, just do not hear it regularly.."



"I noticed her passion and boldness for Jesus growing throughout the year as she attended the club. She loved going and was always happy when I picked her up, telling me about the fun she had."

CEF Williamsburg CYIA


"Last year was my first year at CYIA and it was one of the best experiences I've had."


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