Two weeks ago at the beginning of a Good News Club (GNC) meeting, a teacher pulled me aside and asked to speak with me. She said, “I want all of you to know that you are having an impact on the students at our school. You are making a difference.

I have to tell you what happened in my class today. A girl came in from recess crying. A boy, who has been in GNC, asked her why she was crying. The girl replied that she was worried that her grandmother was going to die. The boy faced her and put his hands on her shoulders.

He said to her, ‘It will be okay. God – Loves – You! God loves you! He will take care of your grandmother and even if she dies, she will be in a good place with God and his angels. God loves you!’ The girl stopped crying and they hugged.”

The teacher continued, “I just had to share this with you because God is changing lives. I am thankful the Good News Club meets in our school. You volunteers need to know the impact you are making.”

I thank this dear teacher friend for sharing this. When I shared this story during our Club meeting that day, all of the students, as well as the adults, were touched by how the Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways! Praise God!

Please keep the GNC students in your prayers over the summer, that God may protect them, encourage them to read their bibles, and have them grow in the Spirit. May the Holy Spirit be working in the hearts of their friends encouraging them to join GNC in the fall.


Submitted by Anna Brennan, Good News Club shepherd, CEF of Peninsula volunteer