Problem Child + Holy Spirit = A Changed Life

It is really important to pay attention to each child—especially the ones who seem to be the least receptive. One year we had a first-grader who was a real problem. He was very large for his age and was defiant.

He was a problem in school, also. He bullied other children. We talked with him about his behavior and consulted with his teacher and with the school counselor to get some tips on ways to handle him.

One day he was so disruptive [at Good News Club] that we called his mother and asked her to come get him early. She was also frustrated with him.

He always responded when we gave the invitation, and used the counseling session to tell us how much trouble he had with everyone else. When we asked him if he was a sinner, he always said that he wasn’t; he got into trouble a lot, but it was always someone else’s fault. He was a serious problem in our club and we did consider suspending him from the club.

One day, though, he responded to the invitation, and told me that he was a sinner, and he wanted to change. We had a wonderful counseling session, and the clear action of the Holy Spirit was apparent from then on.

This boy continued in our club for several years, and our team members didn’t even recognize him as our problem child.* I still see my opportunity to view this kind of change in this child as a gift that was given to me by the Holy Spirit.

Judy Mooers, Team Leader
Northumberland GNC

*Judy’s husband Kevin even asked her if this boy had stopped attending the GNC. She said, “He’s here.” Kevin didn’t recognize him as the problem child they had known for so long!

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