Spreading the Good News

By Anna Dowell, 4th grader, 1997, Carol Smith’s class at Faith Academy, Manila, Philippines

Children not only have the ability to trust easily, but are willing to share about Jesus without inhibition. This is an article that one of Carol Smith’s students wrote when she was a missionary teacher in the Philippines.

One day when I was riding my bike, I saw a Filipina girl also riding a bike. She asked me what my name was and if I could come over to her house. I asked Aunt Kristi, my dorm mom, if I could go to Erica’s house. Since I didn’t know her very well yet, I was not allowed to go.

When I was going back outside to talk to her, I saw my colorful worm pin that tells the Wordless Book story. I remembered what was said in chapel about spreading the Gospel, so I got my worm and my Bible. I went on out to talk to Erica and I told her what the colors of the Wordless Book mean. (yellow for heaven, black for sin, red for the blood of Jesus, white for a clean heart, and green for growing in Jesus). I asked her if she was a Christian and she said yes. She did not seem too interested, but we did make plans to meet again the next day. When we met again, I decided to read to her from the Bible comic book, “Jesus: A Friend to All”.

Another day when I saw Erica, she was wearing a shirt that said, “Mary the Queen.” This made me unsure about whether she was a Christian. I am praying for her and hope that she does or will have faith in Christ.

Please, pray for Erica to know Jesus soon.

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