Partnership in Touching Families

Our Peninsula Chapter has the most mature and committed Christians leading Good News Club teams!

Following the COVID-19 shut down of all ministry on Friday, March 13th, we have seen that commitment in practice. Good News Clubs volunteers have followed up with the children through Zoom calls, online videos, phone calls, mailings, email and prayers. Their dedication and love for the children continues to shine brightly!

We praise God when we hear examples like this:

Kimberly M, Seaford GNC Leader shares that each year they recognize the 5th graders moving on to Middle School by giving them a special book to help them in their journey in knowing Jesus better. Due to schools being closed this year, the gifts were delivered personally to each 5th grader’s home.

Upon one delivery, a grandmother shared her gratefulness that GNC continued after their previous leader died of cancer. Her grandchildren have reaped the blessing of GNC in their lives. Grandma also shared how the church had helped her and her husband in a time of need.

How awesome to see how the partnership of GNC and the local church ministry reaches children and impacts families!

Praise God for the way He is using all of you – supporters, prayer warriors, and church leaders – to enable the in-school clubs and encourage the dedicated teams who are doing the work of spreading the Gospel message.

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