Funny Things Kids Say

Child: “Oh. My dad speaks Spanish too. He’s from New York.

When singing “Jesus is the Good News” whenever we get to the line, “Nothing in the world is greater, than God’s love for you…and you…and you! ” one third-grade boy always adds right in tune, “and me!

Teacher, trying to reinforce the concept of the Bible being made up of 66 books: “Is the Bible one book or more than one book? This is kind of a trick question.
Child: “More than one!
Teacher: “Why do you say that? 
Child: “Because it’s too big! 

In the lesson about Nicodemus, the teacher was explaining phylacteries. Teacher: “…so they would wear a box on their head with Scriptures written inside, and think it made them look important. Does that sound silly? 
First grader: “No. I’ve done that before.

They say funny things, but in Good News Club the kids are also learning about God’s love for them and that the only way to have new life is by believing in Jesus and His death on the cross for them.

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