Good News Across Jamaica Blitz 2019 – Kingston – St. Catherine

Good News Across Jamaica Blitz 2019 in Kingston, also St. Andrew Parish, and St. Catherine Parish is part of Jamaica’s Project Samuel, “Leading children to hear and respond to Jesus.” Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in Jamaica is currently reaching over 86,000 children, but the Project Samuel goal is to reach 300,000 more children by 2022. The Jamaica Blitz made a large contribution to that goal.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in Jamaica is currently reaching over 86,000 children

Ten people from across the United States traveled to Jamaica to help with the
Jamaica Blitz. I was blessed to be one of them. We were each paired with drivers and a few nationals to do devotionals in the schools during their normal morning devotional routine and to do club demonstrations in the afternoon. Our goal was to raise awareness of CEF and promote more Good News Clubs (GNC) in the schools. Our results were a great honor to our Father.

This is what we accomplished for His glory:

  • Schools visited, 41
  • Devotions, children reached, 15,475
  • GNC contacts, 759
  • Salvation decisions and children counselled, 107
  • Indications to make a decision but not counselled, 426
  • New GNC to be started, 14
  • GNC demonstrations, 8

I am retired and I do not require or expect contributions for my overseas mission trips. These trips are for God, returning what is already His, and bringing the children He loves so much.

Please pray for our ministry in CEF of Peninsula so that we can reach all children in our area. Also consider your time and financial support as you can.

I am thinking of a day where we go to heaven and many children run up and hug us for our support to them. All for the glory of God.

Kevin Mooers,
Chairman, CEF of Peninsula

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