Counseling Helps for Children/Teens

CEF values input from the many volunteers and staff conducting Good News Clubs and 5 Day Clubs around the world and are constantly coming up with new evangelism helps. These age-appropriate tracts illustrate the simple message of God’s love that sent Jesus. They are perfect to use to counsel young people who have questions, as Sunday School party gifts, Halloween handouts, or Christmas Party bag fillers.

The tract for pre-teens and teens is NEW this summer, with a message that our young people desperately need to hear – You are Special! You Do Matter! Available from


God Loves You!

This colorful tract presents the Gospel in simple, child-friendly language. Beginning with God’s love for the child and continuing through his sinful condition, God’s way of salvation and what it means to believe, “God Loves You” is ideal to use as a helpful aid when presenting the Gospel to children. (Replaces the First Steps tract.)

Eight full-color pages (Available in either KJV or ESV)
Packs of 50 $7.89


You are Special! You do Matter!

Many young people today need to hear this message. They don’t feel special and they don’t think they matter.

This tract shares how they can know they are special to God. It clearly presents the Gospel message and describes ways to know and serve God.

Eight full-color pages
Packs of 50 $7.89