There is Another Harvest

Choosing pumpkins,
picking apples,
running through corn mazes,
jumping in piles of colored leaves…

Experiencing the splendor and bounty of fall with children is so much fun! Their eyes grow big at the sight of sooo many pumpkins of every shape and size. The littlest one wants to show you “the prettiest leaf”, or the “wooly worm” she found.

The season is full of sounds, smells, and tastes of God’s goodness. After the flood, He promised there would be a harvest time.

While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
and summer and winter, and day and night
shall not cease.

Genesis 8:22


Farmers plant the seeds. Our loving Father provides soil, rain and sun. At the right time, workers gather the harvest. What a wonderful life-sustaining provision God has planned!

There is another harvest.

God has made a promise of NEW LIFE through the Gospel of Jesus’s sacrificial death and power-filled resurrection. Do you ever wonder how many of the children climbing over pumpkins have heard that Good News?

This summer Child Evangelism Fellowship, Intl asked all current staff and volunteers to do what Jesus commanded His first group of followers in Luke 10:2.

And He [Jesus] was saying to them,
“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;
therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest
to send out laborers into His harvest.”

All CEF ministries – U.S. and world-wide – began to pray earnestly to God the Father, Lord of the harvest, to send the workers to reach the many children who have never heard.

God has provided the seed: the message of salvation. He has already begun sending more workers to CEF of Peninsula.

• We had 57 folks at our all-day Good News Club training in September! A new record!
• A new Local Committee member joined this past month and several others are in process.
• Parents of children in a school where there is no GNC have contacted us wanting to start a club.

It is harvest time. Can you see the wonder in children’s eyes? Do you remember the wonder you felt when you first heard that “old, old Story” of Jesus and His love?

Would you join us in beseeching the Lord for more Good News Club workers? There are over 43,000 children in Peninsula schools who need to hear how much Jesus loves them.

Please listen to CEF President Reese R. Kauffman explain the Luke 10:2 Prayer Initiative in the video “Luke 10:2 Visualized” (scroll down, click on the start arrow at bottom left). Then join us in praying!

Written by Martha Clouse, GNC Area Coordinator, Williamsburg