A Child Will Lead Them

Last year, the newly-formed Good News Club team from Hampton Roads Baptist Church was thrilled when 5 of the 13 children who came to the club at Bassette ES asked Jesus to be their Savior from sin! Carla*, a 9-year-old girl began riding the church van each Sunday and was baptized soon after.

Carla invited her teenage brother to come to church with her. Her brother came, believed the Gospel and was baptized into God’s family as well.

First Mom attended a few services with the children, then Dad joined in. On November 11, the pastor visited the family in their home and both the parents accepted Jesus! Praise God!!

This family is now united in faith in Christ. Mom and Dad are growing in the Lord as they attend a home Bible Study designed to ground them in the foundations of the Christian faith.

What a wonderful result of God’s people being obedient to “Go, share the Gospel!” and a little girl wanting her family to know Jesus, too!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.