Sights and sounds from a Good News Club

This is what an observer witnessed at the Good News Club at Norge Elementary this past week. Remember, the club meets in the school immediately after the dismissal bell rings. God has made the way to proclaim His truth in after-school clubs.¹

The greeter at the library door says, “I am standing here making sure no one gets past me,”
taking attendance to ensure all the children enrolled in GNC are accounted for.

The song leader explains the words to the song God Wants to Spend Time With Just You, then
all sing with fun motions. The song encourages the kids to embark on the great
adventure of knowing God intimately by talking to Him in prayer and reading His Word.

The memory verse teacher reviews Ps 119:9-11 as a video, with forward, rewind and pause
buttons to make it fun. Children happily recite, “I will hide Your word in my heart, so I
won’t sin against You.”

The Bible teacher explains that Jesus fulfilled God’s promise to David that his descendant
would sit on the throne FOREVER. Children listen intently to the truth that Jesus wants
each person to be with Him, but that sin separates us from His love.

Four children respond to the invitation to talk to the Bible teacher about what it means to ask Jesus to be their Savior. All four are able to answer the counseling questions – Who is God? Why do you need Jesus? What did Jesus do for You? – and choose to pray asking the Lord to forgive and save.

Why volunteer, give, pray and GO with Good News Clubs?
Children’s lives are changed forever!

¹ U.S. Supreme Court Ruling, Good News Club v. Milford Central School District, June 11, 2001