Why Go to CYIA to Teach 5-Day Clubs?

This is the testimony that John Allon Steiner used for his CYIA application in 2021:

Becoming a Christian is often simply boiled down to accepting the Lord as Savior. This is the core of Christianity: that Christ saved us from our sin and provided eternal life for us though His sacrifice at the Cross. Though accepting this belief is only part of conversion, because saying you understand is only as good as how you live it out and exemplify the traits that Christ showed us. I believe that is the true key to understanding the Gospel, not simply believing a truth, but using that truth to inspire others you meet along life’s path.

For the most part, my spiritual renewal had seemed stagnant, like I had always been a Christian and always would be. But, looking deeper into scripture, it became apparent that this simply could not be true. Believing I had always known God as Lord was impossible because I am, by nature, a sinful person who falls away from the right path without the perfect guidance of the Lord. Observing myself, I understood there was no way to have Him as my Savior without admitting my past wrongs and following His teaching wholeheartedly, so I did, but I knew it could not stop there.


I remember reading that a young child, generally younger than about 14, is most open to the ideas of salvation.


As I mentioned, I believe becoming a follower of Christ is more than accepting His love; it is sharing it for the world to see and follow as well. I want my spiritual birth to be alive and flowing with energy to spread the Word. With God I know I can grow on my path to become a mature believer (and communicator) and aid others in their journey to do the same.

I remember reading that a young child, generally younger than about 14, is most open to the ideas of salvation. If they accept Christ early, children will have ample time to grow in His Word and become steadfast disciples able to spread God’s message of hope with unwavering passion. I want that – to enable children to go to the farthest reaches to save the Lost. Every child has a gift to reach those around them, a relationship to help those closest to them. For me, it is my grandparents. For others it may be an aunt, cousin or close friend.

Disciples making disciples has a direct relation to the Good News for all. I am sure that every child touched by the message, whether in a 5-Day Club or in daily life, can do the same to touch those in their life, and create a church of God’s people, rising to new life and acceptance in His absolute and all-encompassing love.

Note from Dianne Tate, 5-Day Club Coordinator:
“John says when he went to CYIA last year he learned a lot about studying the Bible. Then, when he was able to counsel a child (for salvation) who raised his hand, doing this really brought it all home to him as to the why!!“