Disciple Teens to Grow the Kingdom of God

When you ask Dianne Tate how she finds teens willing to teach children about Jesus, she answers, “God brings them to me.”

Yesterday I was privileged to watch Dianne and her team work as a unit to host a Valentine’s Day Tea. You could see the easy camaraderie and caring among the group. There was good food, great Christian music supplied by the Headleys of TN, prizes, and lots of laughter.

The funds from tickets and raffle will pay for the teens’ training at Christian Youth in Action camp in June. In one week in June, each of Dianne’s six teens will learn to teach every part of a week-long Bible club. John, Renee, Fiona, Ivy, Glenn, and Serenity will lead at least four 5-Day Clubs in July (think a mini-VBS, 1 ½ hours Mon-Fri). Then in the fall, the team begins to meet weekly with children at Coventry Elementary. Amazing!!

Dianne has been discipling teens each year, building into their lives with unselfish love. She models trust in the Lord, praying for every need, caring for and encouraging each one.

RECAP: Dianne disciples 6 teens, they reach 75+ children with the gospel message of salvation throughout the year.

That is multiplication. Praise God for His plan to use those, like Dianne, who are willing and available!

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth
that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.
2 Chronicles 16:9