An Out-of-this World Party

What a blessing it was to observe the Blast Off!! Party club held by the JB Blayton GNC team!

The Williamsburg-James City County Schools are not allowing after-school clubs this fall. The Blayton team found an outside venue of a covered pavilion at Freedom Park next to a playground for lots of room to run. Their sponsoring church, Williamsburg Chapel, provided a bus to ferry children whose parents could not transport immediately after school. Isn’t God great to take care of all the details!?!

Since the party was a space-themed biography of Johannes Kepler, the team decorated tables with planet covered cloths, wrapped the posts with “starry” lights, and even found a child-sized astronaut suit to stuff. What a welcoming sight to children ready to play after 6 hours at a desk!

The Bible Lesson, song, and memory verse all emphasized
God’s power and kingship. The takeaway message for the
kids was, “Trust God – He is in Control!” The gospel
message was clearly stated for the child who may not
yet have trusted Jesus.

Eight children came to the party. With a team of 8 and several other staff observing, the adults outnumbered the children. Thankfully, each child had a helper for the “Be thankful” craft of a stars and planets mobile.

Games were saved for last, to enjoy a little bit of controlled chaos. Even then leader Donna used the quietest game last to let them settle down a bit before dismissal. When Donna shared the plan to have a holiday party next month one little boy asked, “Couldn’t we do this again next week?

Teaching about Jesus with love and fun – that is what we all strive for at CEF Peninsula. Our Lord is faithful to impress His Word on young hearts and bear fruit. Praise Him!

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