My 8-year-old made the decision to be baptized!

I’m so happy to share that my daughter, Addison, was baptized publicly in front of our church on September 16th! On her own, she declared that she was ready to accept God into her heart and life and to be baptized.

What exactly does that mean and look like for a non-denominational Christian?
When they are babies, parents publicly declare in front of the church that we’re “dedicating” our children to God and promising to raise them in the Christian faith. When they’re old enough to decide for themselves, being “baptized” is their outward expression of an inward decision to put their faith in Jesus Christ. What very important decision and special time in their life!

Addison has been blessed with many Christians in her life. Their influence has given her a great foundation of faith and love for Jesus. We’re thankful for the Good News Club of Matoaka Elementary. The team has always been kind, loving and welcoming. They’ve done an excellent job of sharing and counseling her throughout her time there, helping bring Addison to the decision of baptism.

There was a time late last school year when she wanted to talk to a counselor. When asked if she thought she was ready to be baptized, her reply was “I don’t think that my heart is quite ready yet.” What great insight and maturity from a then 7-year-old!

It’s so amazing to see how she already is able to stand for the truth and defend herself and her beliefs with peers. God is good!

Written by: Ann Marie Ray, CEF of VA Peninsula Ministry Assistant