5-Day Club Report: God is Not Hindered by Social Distancing

We weren’t certain that any parents would allow their teens to lead 5-Day Clubs this year, much less send children to even an outdoor club. But God… had plans, children He was calling. This is the progress report staff received from Dianne Tate who has been overseeing two 5-DC teams of teens in the Hampton area.

“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know our 5-Day Club Team finished their 3rd week well yesterday with 2 boys accepting Christ this week. Those teens were super excited!
We said we were doing clubs outside and by golly we did. This week was the hottest!! God blessed us every single day with the excitement of children singing and learning their verses. Thursday right as we were finishing club it started to rain but it sure felt good!!

…2 boys accepting Christ this week

In the course of the 3 weeks, we ministered to 53 children and 13 adults!! 3 total acceptances.
We have one more club in August and still a possible VBS so the kids will be doing last year’s stories and are all excited to learn them. Aug 10-14 will be our last one!

J has said that he will be back next year! F is already planning on leading again. We have 4 teens who are interested in helping us next year and hoping to come to CYIA!! We are planning on doing a Wordless Books session with them in August. It wouldn’t hurt for them to know that anyway!”

This is one of the Thank You’s that team member J wrote to the hosting families:

Mrs. Sun,

Thank you so much for hosting our 5-day club! Your hospitality and kindness were wonderful and your beautiful garden was the perfect place to have a club. Thank you for all the support you gave us, we appreciate it very much.

How inspiring that teens who know Jesus are stepping out of their comfort zones to reach children with the Gospel! The Lord is raising up Spiritual Champions through the Christian Youth in Action training.

All praise to the Father!

~~~ Please pray for the children God will draw to the August 5DC yet to come. ~~~

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