What CYIA Camp Meant to Me

I first went to CYIA Camp in June 2018 and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. No one teased me about needing to take medication for depression and everyone was so welcoming. I think by the end of camp everyone became friends. It’s also a good way to rewind and focus more on God because the there’s no distractions from the outside world. I really wish it was longer.

I think going to CYIA camp brought me closer to God. I don’t have many Christian friends besides the one I have in church (but I only see her once or twice a week), and sometimes it’s hard to openly be Christian at school because so many people have a negative connotation about Christianity. I met so many godly Christians who were really strong in their faith and that gave me the courage to not hide my faith.

I also learned so much through the lessons that we were supposed to teach later in the summer. I thought I knew the Bible and I thought I understood it well. The lessons are for children, but after learning them, I had a better understanding of the Bible because the lesson explained it so well.

Testimony by Melissa Sun who has taught both summer 5 Day Clubs and Good News Clubs during the school year for 3 consecutive years now. Melissa served as a Team Leader this last year.