Not Fazed

Jesus is alive! That is the power-filled Resurrection message we proclaim.

Dianne Tate, GNC Leader at Coventry Elementary was not deterred by
“stay at home” orders, but decided to finish the remaining Good News Club teaching times online. This is a timeline of her reports to Good News Club Coordinators. We rejoice with her and praise God Who is present.


Our first club went well but only had 3 boys on it along with Melissa, Fiona and myself. I guess I will have to call the parents this week and encourage them to join us. Melissa will send out the code at 3:15 next week so maybe that will help. It was actually fun, we could see all who were on the call, the girls did a great job of doing the story! It was a little funny singing a song with so few people but we did and the kids did answer questions that were asked. I think it will be fun as we go along!

I just have to figure out how to download the quiet sheets but other than that, it’s going to be fun!!

We just have to have more kids on but we will do it every week now until the end of April.


CAROL SMITH: Praise the Lord!!!

JUDY MOOERS: Thank you for the report. I am sure that the children who attended enjoyed it; hope they will help spread the word.

One Week Later…

DIANNE: 20 in our GNC today!!!

MARTHA: Wow, God is at work!

DIANNE: He surely answered my prayers.

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