5-Day Club Surprises

What a delight to hostess a 5-Day Club in our backyard/home!

At just the right time, the CEF summer coordinator delivered invitations to pass out to our neighbors. We also were given posters to place strategically in our community and church. As a result of posting the invite on the neighborhood’s website, a military family moving in the week of club sent their daughter to join us. It was a natural way to meet them and welcome them to the community.

The 5-Day Club was led by well-trained, enthusiastic teens. The children attending enjoyed the Bible lessons and games and participated wholeheartedly!

One family that came each day were emigrating from Cameroon, Africa. Several of the mothers who came with their children and an adult helper joined us in gathering clothes and household items to bless the family.

My husband Jesse and I have bonded with this family. We have had several meals together and had a Christmas celebration together. Most recently they came to us for advice concerning their children’s safety in the school and neighborhood.

We enjoy praying together and have been blessed by learning how to worship Jesus with our whole being like they do in their homeland.

We praise God for His surprise blessings as a result of hosting a 5-Day Club. Lives have been touched for God’s Kingdom. In addition, our personal lives have been transformed by God-ordained new friendships.

Written by: Carol Smith
GNC Coordinator, NN and Hampton

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