This past fall, a very faithful Good News Club team had to roll off duty due to health reasons. The Lord called another body of believers to continue the work they started and has been blessing with 35+ children attending each week and several children praying to trust Jesus.

The baton was passed, the Holy Spirit continues to work! This testimony of praise comes from the new team leader:

“A shy, sweet third grade girl had the confidence to give her heart to the Lord. Though she may not yet fully understand, she is hungry for truth. When her mother comes to pick her up, she becomes even more quiet.

At our last meeting, our Christmas party, when her mom came to get her, the little girl made eye contact with me and mouthed the words, “Thank you.” I am not sure what her trials are, as we all have them, but she notes that Jesus is what she needs, and I praise Him.

Bless this sweet one to always cling to You, Jesus, in Your name.”

-Brooke P, GNC Team Leader

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