How God is Moving – Around the World

  • Indiana:
    Ten-year-old Carter* came to 5-Day Club® hitting and saying nasty, mean things to the other children. But on the second day he told his teacher he wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior.
    The impact Jesus had on his life was evident the last three days of club as Carter changed from bully to friend. He was eager to learn more about God, go to church, and tell his friends about how Jesus could save them from their sins. -Sylvia, 5-Day Club Teacher
  • Jamaica:
    Forty-three teens here attended the first ever Christian Youth in Action® training in Jamaica last summer. During the second week, they shared the Gospel with 294 children – praise the Lord, 74 of these boys and girls put their trust in Jesus as Savior!
    NOTE: Our Peninsula trainers, Judy and Kevin Mooers were a part of the training team in Jamaica last year. They traveled to Jamaica again in July 2019 to encourage and support local CYIA trainers and teens.
  • Myanmar:
    Years ago, six-year-old Miriam* attended our Good News Club. One day a repairman came to her home to fix the AC.

You told me about Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Savior. And now I am so glad to see you again.


Miriam asked as he was leaving, “Do you know Jesus?”

“No, who is Jesus?” said the man.

Miriam answered, “Jesus is the Savior who died on the cross for your sin. If you accept
Him as your own Savior, you won’t go to hell, but to Heaven.”

He said, “I will accept Jesus.”

Years later, Miriam was attending church when a man walked up to her and said, “Do you remember the day I repaired the air conditioner in your house? You told me about Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Savior. And now I am so glad to see you again.”

Praise the Lord!

Reports shared in the Summer 2019 of “Good News ALERT”; a publication of Child Evangelism Fellowship®.
*name changed for security purposes.

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