Precious Children Express Joy in Jesus

This summer my husband and I joined a team from our church to minister to the families in a depressed coal mining area of the western part of Virginia. The highlight for us became the children’s Bible Club at a park. I shared the CEF Wordless Book lessons for Bible time while my husband passionately shared the story of Hudson Taylor, missionary to China. The children were attentive and responsive to the Gospel.

The 4th day rain poured just at the start time for our gathering and we wondered if anyone would show up. The apartment office was opened for our use with the inclement weather. God brought three girls to us that day.

We shared a gospel presentation with one person wearing a dirty shirt representing sin in our lives and another person representing sinless Jesus wearing a pure white shirt. “Jesus” took the dirty shirt upon himself and gave His pure white shirt to the man representing all of us being sinners. In the same way, Jesus’ death and resurrection made a way for all of us to experience His cleansing from sin.

When we gave an invitation to trust Jesus, all 3 girls raised their hand to receive Christ. God orchestrated the timing, the day, and even the weather that brought us inside. The venue gave us a perfect place to counsel the girls one-on-one in a separate open room attached to the meeting area. What a delight to lead each child in realizing their need for Christ and hearing them pray to receive Jesus as their personal Savior! Now they, too, are clothed in His righteousness.

During the last day of club we gave each child a New Testament with specific verses marked. Their joy was evident in being able to read God’s words from His love letter.

As the children were leaving, 2 of the three girls who personally accepted Jesus the day before, plus another friend who already knew Jesus, came running towards me shouting, “Can we have a hug?” I replied, “Sure!” They all 3 spontaneously wrapped their arms around me with big smiles. My heart was touched in such a special way; I will always cherish the memory of the joy of Jesus in their beaming faces.

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!
I John 3:1

Written by Carol J. Smith