The concept was first revealed last May at the 2017 International Conference. Over 1200 workers from around the world gathered to celebrate Child Evangelism Fellowship’s 80th Anniversary and God’s incredible goodness, power and faithfulness.

At that conference, new work begun in countries (whose names are not even familiar to most Americans) was announced. That left the number of countries where CEF does not have “boots on the ground” at less than 5! Amazing!

The one country where child evangelism seemed out of the realm of possibility was –  the country that was first on the Open Doors World Watch List as “the most dangerous and difficult to practice the Christian faith” for the 14th straight year1 – North Korea.

President Reese Kauffman stepped to the podium to share his heart for the children of North Korea. As he pointed out, we cannot imagine the physical suffering of the people under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un, but even worse is to never hear the hope that Jesus offers.

President Kauffman then initiated a grass-roots prayer effort, asking all the children in clubs this year to pray that North Korean children would also be able to attend a Good News Club. Each attendee took a pack of “Pray for the Children of North Korea” bracelets and prayer cards home to their state/country.

In America, that meant over 200,000 children2 would be praying. World-wide, children in over 70,000 Good News Clubs2 would be praying for North Korea’s doors to open to the gospel.

Was it surprising, then, that the leaders of North and South Korea agreed to meet on April 27th for the first time in over a decade? YES!! But “with God all things are possible”!3

In a letter to volunteers on May 4th, Reese Kauffman wrote:

Just five days ago the leaders of North and South Korea agreed to remove all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula. In addition, the leaders vowed to negotiate a peace treaty between the two nations. How great is our God! For over 60 years these two countries have been at war against one another and we trust that war is coming to an end. Please join us in continued prayer for peace and for the Gospel to go into the entire country of North Korea.

We will keep praying.

Meanwhile, CEF and other ministries do what they can to reach the North Korean people without a physical presence in the country. CEF, in particular, has recently launched – literally –  a Gospel Balloon campaign from the border of South Korea.

The balloons have the Gospel printed on them and are released when the winds are right to carry them far into North Korean soil.4


CEF Workers Releasing Gospel Balloons


Mr. Kauffman concluded his letter to supporters,

We are so excited about what God is doing in North Korea and know He has an amazing plan for this country. Your prayers have immense power and can truly change the world. So, whether through prayer or giving, join us as we week to reach the children of this lost nation.

Will you join the Good News Club children in praying for North Korea to open to the Gospel?

Should we be surprised that God hears and answers the prayers of His little ones? No!

God hears and is moving mightily!

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  2. CEF 2016 ministry statistics. Available upon request.
  3. Matthew 19:24
  4. Impact magazine; CEF International, Inc; March 2018 edition (Sign up for future issues below.)


Calendar of Events

June 2 – Christian Youth in Action Pre-Training on Wordless Book for summer missions; held in Richmond. Registration due by 5/29.

June 17-23 – Christian Youth in Action Training School/Camp

August 11 – Good News Club Kick-Off

September 8 – Good News Club Training


Children’s Ministry Resources

What do you give a boy to capture his imagination? Is it something about cars and trucks, or an airplane? These are two gospel resources for a simple gift to a young boy.

Wordless Book Airplane

For the younger child who doesn’t yet read, the Wordless Book Plane tells the gospel story in 5 colors. As you assemble the plane, you can tell the simple, yet profound, truth of God’s love evidenced in the gift of His son.

Each plane comes with instructions for assembly (a penny is required) and suggested text to explain the Gospel in a child’s language. Order from

Gospel Alphabet Bookmark

The airplane and primary colors on this bookmark appeal to children, reminding them that God has a great adventure ahead for each one! His promises are true.

Each Bible verse highlights at least one truth of the Gospel: God loves you, everyone has a “want to” to sin, Jesus is God’s gift to rescue us, God promises eternal life to all who trust Him fully. Encourage your children and grandchildren to take off on a Bible adventure by memorizing the 26 verses of the Gospel alphabet!

Kindergarten thru second grade students usually has reading homework each night and need a bookmark for their reader. Parents can use this FREE resource to add a daily scripture reading at the same time.

This resource can be ordered from


Testimonials | Stories Of How God Is Moving

God’s love compels me!

Many years ago, when my own sons (now in their 50’s) were in elementary school, I sat on a school bus with a group of 2nd graders, waiting to chaperone their class field trip.  As I looked around at the many young and excited faces, I thought,

How many will never hear the Good News of Christ’s salvation?

I remember having a deep ache in my heart for those lost children.  Years before I had been a very sad and lonely child, feeling so unloved, when a dear pastor explained John 3:16 to me.  Even though my life circumstances were still very sad, God’s love changed my life.  I wanted those children to know that love as well.

I had taught kindergarten Sunday School for several years, but what about those who never attended church?  A dear mother in my neighborhood had started a Good News

Club, where my 2 oldest sons had accepted the Lord, so CEF was very close to my heart.  That led me to have 5 Day Clubs during the summer in my garage, where 60 children crowded in!

Through the years, I continued to use CEF materials to teach Sunday School, VBS, and kids’ clubs.  How clearly the Gospel is presented, so even the very young child can understand!

My life scripture verse is Psalm 71:17-18 –

O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.

I was so excited to learn that here in Williamsburg there are Good News Clubs in the elementary schools!  God’s love compels me to share His Gift with these precious children.  What a blessed privilege!

Contributor: Diana Doyle, Matoaka Elementary Good News Club Leader, Williamsburg, VA