Peninsula Chapter CEF Monthly Reporting

We are simplifying the GNC Monthly Report by changing how you report the numbers. You will only keep track and report the number of new children only for the month. The chapter office will keep track of the previous month and add your new student numbers as the cumulative totals for the state office report.

Instructions for completing each item of the CEF Ministry Report:

1. Enter Reporter Name: Enter the first and last name of the person submitting the report.

2. Select Ministry Event Type: Select the ministry type from the rolling drop down list. For clubs meeting in public elementary school facilities the selection will be “School GNC

3. Enter Site or School Name: Enter the location of the event, i.e. the school name, neighborhood club name, park or apartment complex name. To abbreviate elementary school, use “ES”.

4. Select County or City: From the drop down list, select the county or city name.

5. Select Month of Report: From the rolling drop down list, select the month the report covers.

6. Enter New Children Attending: This number counts only new children that started the club during the month; a child is only counted one time – the first time they attend.

7. Enter New Children Receiving Christ this Month: This number is the total number of children receiving Christ as Savior for the first time during the month.

8. Enter New Children Starting Church this Month: This number is the total number of children identified as starting church during the month. At each ministry event the small group shepherds should continuously ask the un-churched children if they have started attending church since they’ve started attending the GNC.

9. Enter New Children this Month with a Military Parent: When a new child is counted in step 6 above, also identify if the child has a military parent from their registration form. A child is only counted one time during the month they are identified as military child.

Testimony of a Child or Event: Enter a short story of a child’s salvation, how God is working in a child’s life or through a club or ministry event. Sources are what the children say, a parent or grandparent’s comment, or a worker’s observation. Please take time to write up these accounts, as they are very encouraging to other CEF workers and useful to share in newsletters and other communications.

After completing the entries click the “Submit” button. The next page will verify your submission.


Ministry Monthly Report

Ministry Monthly Report Form