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I would like to introduce you to Chris Obe, who joined our staff this month as our Chapter Coordinator. Chris is an Assistant Pastor at Williamsburg Assembly of God where he directs both teen and children’s ministries. We have asked Chris to work for us part-time as our Chapter Coordinator while he takes classes and completes the requirements for a full-time director.
We have been praying for a godly leader to come alongside to strengthen our ministry. Chris’s whole-hearted love for the Lord along with his commitment to lovingly reach and evangelize youth make him an ideal candidate for director.

I recently had a chance to interview Chris to find out a little more about his family, his background, and his heart for children. I am impressed by the depth of his commitment to the Lord that is not just talk, but a consistent walk. That interview follows with very little editing.
Martha Clouse, Admin Coordinator, CEF of Peninsula



Chris, thanks for being willing to answer a few questions. I want to let our volunteers and supporters know a little more about who you are: your background, your family, how God has called you, where you are now in your ministry.

Martha – Who first shared the gospel with you?
Chris – The first person who shared the gospel with me was at a church, in Lagos, Nigeria where I was born. [I came to the United States in 1997, over twenty-three years ago.]
A preacher was preaching and he did an altar call. So, I gave my life to the Lord in 1991 when I was 5 years old.

Martha – How do you feel the Lord has led you and especially to the calling you have now?
Chris – Each day just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter in His presence, spending time with Him; He is teaching me His Word. A little over eight years ago, the Lord told me to get into His Word and to study it. I had a choice either to go out with my friends or to a basketball court, or to yield and be obedient to the Lord. That was one of the sacrifices I made to serve the Lord. As I spend time in God’s Word, I have grown spiritually with the help of the Holy Spirit guiding, teaching, and leading. The Lord is using both the gift of the Spirit and the fruit of His Spirit to make me effective in His calling.

Sometimes at church when I have the opportunity to preach the Lord will give me words for the people. The people will respond and I know that is of the Lord.

Martha – Chris, what would you say is your main or motivational spiritual gift?
Chris – I would say that my main spiritual gift is faith. God gives me His word for people and in faith I speak it.

Martha – Did God call you to full-time ministry at a particular time, or has it been a gradual leading in your life?
Chris – Yes, both. In 2014, the Lord told me to go to the Potomac District with the Assembly of God to do all my courses. That’s where I became ordained. So that’s the calling the Lord told me to go through. Then as I have walked in that, He keeps leading me to different areas of service, like with Child Evangelism.

Martha – You have been working with both teens and children in your position at the church. What differences do you see working with children?
Chris – What I really love about the children is that Jesus said “Don’t forbid the children to come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” That is the foundation, to have faith like a little child. What I see with children is those childhood years are the best time to reach out to them. They have a faith that is much bigger than ours. When you tell them the truth, they believe. We want to give them the truth of the Word and not the lies that are out there.

Martha – In your work with teens do you see that it was harder to reach them or is it just different?
Chris – In anything I do I always ask the Holy Spirit to guide me. When I was going to Lafayette High School, I asked the Holy Spirit, “Bring the ones that You want to bring to me,” the ones maybe who need it the most? I would see the kids coming to me. They would ask me who I was, why I was there. I would try not to tell them I was a pastor; I didn’t want to give it away. I would just talk to them and say “If you want to hear more, there’s a church down the street and you can see me there.” And they would come. So, I know that was not by my might, not by my own wisdom or power, but I knew it was the Holy Spirit.
Whatever stage in life, a person can be reached by the Holy Spirit. We need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and be sensitive to what He tells us to say and do.

Martha – What brought you to Williamsburg?
Chris – We came in response to the job position offered at the Williamsburg Assembly of God. My wife Maud is the organist there, also. We have two daughters. Joëlle is 2 years old and Ariëlle is 6 months old.

Martha – How did you find out about our CEF of Peninsula job position?
Chris – My wife was looking online for a part-time job [that would help us make ends meet]. We wanted to do something in the ministry. When she saw the position with CEF, we were surprised that the job position had been open for 6 months. So, we applied. It was as if the Lord kept it open for us.

Martha – Chris, I want to give you the opportunity to speak to our Peninsula Chapter folks. What would you like to say to our faithful volunteers, prayer warriors and supporters?
Chris – I would like to say that these are exciting times! We are just fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to go out and reach every people of every nation for the Kingdom of God. I believe that those who are partners in this mission – we truly thank them so much for we can’t do it without them!

While some people can’t go, God has blessed them to be able to give and to provide support by praying. So, I thank them so much because without them we could not do what we are doing. They are also a part of the Great Commission in their giving and their prayers.
In closing, I asked Chris for a favorite Bible verse. His answer was –

Psalm 62:8:
“Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah”


Martha Clouse, Admin Coordinator, CEF of Peninsula

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