God’s Calling Has No Boundaries

An interview with Manu Costas, a young man born in Romania who came to work in America, found Jesus, and – wanting to share that joy with children – has volunteered in Good News Club for 3 years.

Q – Manu, how old were you when you gave your life to Jesus?
A – I was 25.

Q – How difficult was it to surrender your life to Him at that age?
A – I started attending The Chapel* in Nov 2013. I had tried so many things that didn’t work. After a month or so, the sermon was about Joseph and all the hardships he went through that God allowed in his life. During that service I put my head down and felt the Holy Spirit opened my heart. I said, “I’m going to live for Him. I’m going to follow you, Jesus.”

Q – When did you start working with kids in soccer?
A – In the summer I came to the U.S. in 2013, but I was not that serious.

Q – After you became a Christian did you work weekly as a coach?
A – It was more of an informal thing with kids from The Chapel. I understand that playing soccer is a gift of God and I want to help others. Kids need that the most.

Q – How do you want to make a difference in the lives of kids and teens? And why?
A – Young people are in the process of growing and what they hear and see is what they start doing. I want to be an example for them. Kids want to play soccer so I come alongside to show them how to do that better.

Every game there is always a talk. We either pray or read a bit from a book by Coach Wooden, basketball coach at UCLA. I want them not only to know how to play better but to be that sort of player that makes a difference on the soccer field: to be a leader in attitude, be humble and do your best.

I pour into them words of encouragement. I know I’m in process, a young learner myself. The words combined with letting them know that I’m still learning myself, I hope makes a difference. It is such a joy knowing that I can use this God-given gift for His purpose.


I would suggest Good News Club to anyone who wishes to serve. They can start small, lead a game or shepherd a small group.


Q – What has working in a Good News Club meant to you?
A – It has been a great experience! The knowledge and way to evangelize kids has meant a lot to me.

Early after I gave my life to Jesus, I understood that in order to do great things for God, feel the joy of working for Him, I would have to do something here locally.  Then one Sunday, there was a flyer about Good News Club® someone left on a table in the cafe, saying “Do you love kids? Do you want to have fun while teaching about Jesus? Come to this place at this hour.” So I did. That was God giving me the opportunity to serve.

I have met some great people. I am still praying for the kids I have had in small group and for their parents these last 3 years.

I would suggest Good News Club to anyone who wishes to serve. They can start small, lead a game or shepherd a small group. Even with the language barrier, I was able to learn to give the Bible lesson. What a great joy to have kids raising their hands, asking questions, wanting to ask Jesus into their hearts!

The training is great and seeing God working is wonderful.

Q – I know you have felt God’s calling on your life, how is He at work now?
A – From the beginning I have felt drawn to kids. God said, “This is it.” I especially feel drawn to orphan kids – kids without love, without a home, without words of encouragement.
I had a hard time as a kid growing up without a father. When I came to America, I was trying to fulfill my life with things. Nothing worked until I received Him. With Jesus I am slowly making something out of my life.

I want to help kids get out of the prison, to know that we can flourish only after we open our heart to Jesus. Once we have Him, He will allow us to overcome the obstacles in our life.
The Lord has prepared me to minister to kids somewhere in the Ukraine, Romania or even Nicaragua by sending me to Spain to work and learn Spanish.


You can’t talk to Manu for more than a minute without feeling the joy he has in the Lord. Manu will be working with high schoolers as a small group leader at The Chapel this year. Matoaka Good News Club will miss him!

We rejoice for the way Manu will continue to reach kids and teens with the love of Jesus and His message of salvation whether here or in another country.

Dear Father – give Manu Your wisdom as he comes alongside these teens with Your message of Life. Continue to bless his marriage. Show him how to make Amanda a priority and to love her sacrificially. Thank you for the example Manu has been to us in his enthusiasm and desire to grow and obey You. Amen

*Williamsburg Community Chapel on John Tyler Hwy, Williamsburg, VA