For the eyes of the LORD roam throughout the earth,
so that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.
2 Chronicles 16:9

God is amazing and powerful! He can use any person, evil or humble, to fulfill His will. But God promised to use the man, woman, boy or girl whose heart is completely His – a surrendered life.
God used Moses to free the enslaved nation of Israel. Likewise, He used Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce to abolish the slave trade in the U.S. and England.

God used Peter and Paul in the first century to spread the Gospel to the known world. He used evangelists Dwight Moody and Billy Graham to widely proclaim that Jesus purchased pardon from sin.

Jesus rebuked His disciples for sending children away and said, “Leave the children alone, and do not forbid them to come to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Have you ever heard of Jesse Irvine Overholtzer (Mr. O)? God used Mr. O to likewise champion children’s ability to believe unto salvation, when others said they could not yet understand. Mr. O founded Child Evangelism Fellowship in 1937, training adults to share the gospel with children in homes, parks, Sunday Schools. The ministry has since grown to encompass the world. God is amazing and powerful!

Watch this short video to see the results of the work and prayers by many volunteers and staff of CEF for the year 2021.



We rejoice that so many children are placing their trust in Jesus as Savior!

Is God calling you to take part in fulfilling His plan so these little ones “shall not perish, but have everlasting life”? John 3:16

Check out the ministry needs here at CEF of Peninsula and contact us on the website or by phone: Kevin Mooers (804) 580-0863.

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