A child’s imagination is much greater than yours or mine. When teaching the Gospel to a child – who God is and what He has done – I always thrill at the truth that “God loves you more than you can imagine!”


God is love. That is who He is, His character. God cannot help loving each child, and does not stop despite mean thoughts, rebellious actions, and cutting words.
The cross is proof of the depth of God’s love. Jesus’ resurrection is proof that He has beaten death and sin. Children need to know how much God longs to give them life, a life overflowing with good.

When I look at what many children face today – uncertainty, illness, broken homes, parents abusing alcohol and drugs, bullies at school – my heart hurts.

My prayer for you and for me is “Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours.” May we – the Jesus Followers – do all we can to tell children who He is and what He has done because He loves them more than they can imagine!

Martha Clouse
GNC Coordinator, W’burg

Categories: Child Evangelism