Haley Tapia, a 19-yr-old college student at Thomas Nelson, was to give her Christian Youth in Action training camp testimony at our PKids 1st Dinner on March 27, 2020. When COVID restrictions hit on March 15th, the dinner was cancelled. I was so looking forward to hearing how God has been at work in her life!

Instead we arranged a phone interview. Rejoice with Haley and pray for her as she continues to prepare for the path for her life.

Martha Clouse GNC Coordinator, Williamsburg

How did you first hear about Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF)?
Someone from CEF gave a presentation at our church this past spring to try to start a Good News Club®(GNC). I was interested so she put me in touch with Dianne Tate. Dianne and my church provided the funding for me to go to Christian Youth in Action® camp in June at the last minute.

What did you think about the CYIA Training Camp?
I’d been to several “Christian camps” before that were mostly activity-driven. CYIA Camp centered around learning. All the kids who were there wanted to make a difference. The atmosphere and testimonies of God at work were amazing.

How did God show up?
After training on Wednesday night during worship, everyone in the entire room fell on their knees, wrapped their arms around each other, and were crying. I could feel the Holy Spirit, and sensed God telling me He wanted me in ministry working with children.

How did your view of who you are change?
Before I went to camp I struggled with my health and spent most of my Senior year of H.S. in the hospital. I got caught up in what was wrong with me and blamed God.

Now I have a different perspective. God has allowed my health problems for a purpose. Instead of blaming Him, I ask, “How can I use this for God?”

When CYIA camp was over did you go on to do children’s 5-Day Clubs®?
Yes, I was a team leader for 4 clubs and another teen led 4 clubs over a 3-week period.


I promise you will see God at work in your life in a way you haven’t seen before. You will have a different perspective. It will change your life!


What was special, stands out in your mind from all the clubs?
There was one little girl at the Ivy Farms club. She was 4-5 years old and wouldn’t speak, but she was there every day that week. She was easily distracted, but we hope was hearing the message. On the last day she was the only one who came! We ran the whole club for her. We planted seeds of the gospel. I keep thinking of her and praying for her.

In 10 words or less, what did God do in your life through CYIA training and 5-Day Clubs?
God completely changed my life. I was going to go into the military, then to college and major in engineering. I wanted to work for NASA.

I have since changed to an education major and want to work with children with special needs.
The Lord is already giving me ways to love and serve children in Awana, 3 & 4-year-old Sunday school, Good News Clubs® in 2 schools, and substitute teaching at Bethel Baptist Christian School in Hampton.

What would you say to a teen (or adult) considering going to CYIA Training?
Don’t second-guess it, go for it – go all in!
I promise you will see God at work in your life in a way you haven’t seen before. You will have a different perspective. It will change your life!