Christian Youth in Action® Summer 2019 a Success

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) of Peninsula participated in the Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA®) camp this summer held June 16th–22nd at Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center in Lynchburg for Virginia teens (and adults too). We had over 37 teens and 2 adults attend as students! We are teaching more teens to share the Gospel message of salvation to young children between the ages of 5 to 12 at a 5-Day Club®.

The training camp taught the teens how to share Jesus with children using Bible stories, mission stories, Scripture memorization, meaningful songs, review games, and much more. This training is very intense and requires long days of classroom and study, followed by practicums (student demos) and a critique of what they have learned. Though we had few tearful moments, the students pulled through at the end.

For the students, training camp does not end there. The students go back to their respective areas to teach a 5-Day Club. The clubs may be taught in parks, homes, YMCAs, or wherever children hang out. Each club is presented to a group of children five days in a row, similar to a Vacation Bible School. The teams often teach 3 clubs a day and maintain this schedule for several weeks. It is such a blessing for the children when we go to them with a fun and clear message of Christ’s salvation. The children look up to the teens in awe that are teaching them about Christ.

The teens generally become very close by the end of the training week, as a team with the Holy Spirit. One night toward the end, one teen burst into tears when the worship band played the contemporary song, “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. Many students went to the back of the room to embrace this student. One of the adults observing this felt called to approach the stage to pray for an altar call for consecration. Three quarters of the people in the room responded, gathering at the stage on their knees. This spontaneous alter call lasted for fifteen minutes. The Spirit was surely in the room doing almighty things. WOW! Again, the Holy Spirit was present and at work in the teens’ hearts!

Please pray with us that our CYIA activities will continue to be blessed so that the teens’ summer ministry can continue to bring even more children into the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior.
In Jesus’ name we pray.

Kevin Mooers
Committee Chairman, CEF of Peninsula