Make a Skittles Rainbow!

This is another fun thing to do with kids and grandkids this summer.

Can you imagine a world without color?

Ask the children – “What if everything you see was only in shades of white, black and grey?” B-O-R-I-N-G!

Instead, God has given us a gift – eyes that recognize different wavelengths of the spectrum using cones found in the retina (in the back part of the eye, rods only discern greyscale.) Parents, you might want to read up first so you can explain it easily. This is a good article written in a kid-friendly way:

Even more amazing – our eyes pick up only certain wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes don’t see the “soup” that surrounds us in air molecules and other streams of light/sound.

What a loving, creative God who not only made the world in graphic color, but enables us to enjoy it every day!

You will want to gather these supplies ahead of time:

  • 1 – Baby food jar for each child
  • 1 – Pipette (straw) or medicine dropper for each child
  • 1 – Tablespoon measure
  • A bag of skittles candies
  • Five heat-resistant containers with low sides (small Pyrex bowls work well)
  • Hot water

The instructions to make your skittles rainbow and the science behind why it works is on the Playdough to Plato website. Have fun learning something new with the children you love!
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