Easy Summer Party Clubs

Are you inspired by the teen’s example of reaching out to children where they live in the summer? You can easily host your own backyard Bible Club! Use one of these two summer-themed parties.


Secret of the Watermelon

This party is perfect for a one-day club in the summer when watermelons are just getting ripe! If you have lots of children in your neighborhood, they are probably starting to get a little bored.

Through this story of Jon’s visit to his grandfather’s farm, children learn how the colors of the watermelon can be used to share the Gospel. Children will never forget this unique lesson or the fun they have at your watermelon party!

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The Ice Cream MESSage

Boys and girls will enjoy this ice cream themed party as they play games, sing songs, and learn from God’s Word. The Gospel is clearly presented through the lesson, “Diego Takes the Blame.” Children will relate to this fictional story of a boy who struggles with peer pressure.

Diego provides an example of Christian living as he remembers God’s Word, asks for God’s help, and does the right thing. Saved children will be encouraged to stand up for what’s right.

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