CEF of VA Christian Youth in Action Training

“Lydia was 14 years old when she picked up a brochure from a ministry she’d barely heard of called Child Evangelism Fellowship. This brochure, unlike many other ministry brochures, captured her young imagination and she knew, ‘God wants me to do this.’

CEF Williamsburg CYIA
That summer, she attended her very first Christian Youth in Action® training and was hooked. At CYIA, she sat in classes, learned how to share the gospel with children, and took her new-found skills to Duluth, Minnesota to teach 5-Day Clubs.

The CYIA staff began building a foundation of truth and skills in her life. Every year Lydia returned to CYIA she attended new classes, and grew in her experience as a teacher and, most importantly, as a Christian. Eventually she became staff, mentoring and building into students just as others had done with her.”

Good News Club volunteers will recognize Lydia as one of the enthusiastic teens in CEF song videos. To read the rest of Lydia’s story, read the entire article in the Fall 2018 edition of Impact magazine.

This June, teens from all over Virginia will gather in Lynchburg to attend CYIA training that prepares them to lead 5-Day Clubs in their area of the state. The training includes teaching a Bible lesson, a real-life missionary story and a Bible verse as well as leading songs, games, and a fun review time.

After the training, teams of 3-4 will teach week-long clubs in their local community. These clubs can be anywhere: daycare, home, park, tree house, and anywhere children gather. Kids love coming to these 5-Day Clubs!

If you know of a teen who has a heart for children (or you are one!) pray and invite him to attend the CYIA training. The experience transforms: students grow in faith, vision, communication, teamwork, endurance, responsibility, and self-confidence. Lydia’s life was changed forever!

CYIA training in Virginia will be held June 19 – 25, with 5-Day Clubs throughout July. Minimum age is 13, but if 16+ this can be that summer job!

For more information and an application, contact Dianne Tate: cell 757-291-2091; dianne.tate77@gmail.com.