Carlos doesn’t feel like giving thanks or playing his favorite spy games because the military has moved his family… again! His dad’s imminent deployment weighs heavily on Carlos’ mind. Through a series of clues and hidden messages children will discover that because of Jesus, Carlos always has reasons to thank God.



This story may have even more significance today with children’s lives being turned upside-down by COVID! With schools closed, they can’t see their friends as often; lessons are harder online with all of the distractions at home. Extended family is not as readily available as support for working parents.

Adults say, “It will get better when a vaccination is approved.” Perhaps a child can more readily identify with and learn from Carlos. This Thanksgiving Party Club lesson helps point children to the eternal things they can thank God for – things that will never change no matter the circumstances life presents. Several of the ongoing Good News Clubs in our area will be using “The Thank You Spy” as a special holiday party for their current club members. You might consider having a one-day party in your neighborhood, or use the lesson for a seasonal Gospel emphasis at your church.

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