Hold a Back-to-School party in your neighborhood, or kick-start Good News Club attendance in fall 2018 with a DINO Party! Dinosaur Tracks! is the newest CEF one-day party club curriculum.

Dinosaurs are fascinating to children, but are often used to cast doubt on the accuracy of God’s Word. Share with children that many scientists believe that science does not contradict the Bible and that much new evidence cannot be explained by evolution theory.

You can use this lesson to help children understand that they can fully trust God’s Word and respond to His love by believing on His Son as their Savior.

This Party Club includes:

  • Snack and craft ideas
  • Interactive games
  • Reproducibles
  • Memory verse (Genesis 1:1)

Available now at CEF Press: Dinosaur Tracks flashcard and text for $11.29 retail

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