Ice Cream in a Bag

1. Gather for each adult and child so all get their own Ziploc bags:

1 – small (sandwich or quart-sized)
1 – large (gallon-sized)

2. Place 10 ice cubes and 3 tablespoons of salt into each large bag.

3. Measure into small bag and seal tightly:

1/2 cup whole or 2% milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

4. Place small bag into large bag. Seal tightly!

5. Shake for 5 minutes. Open and eat. Enjoy!
Hint: Push all the ice cream to the bottom of the smaller bag, then cut off the top.


What can you talk about for those 5 lo-o-o-ong minutes?

  • Ask what one thing the child is looking forward to the most this summer.
  • Share the positive character traits you see in your child. Make a big deal about it.
  • Tell what you used to do in the summer when you were little.
  • Tell at least one thing you did that was really dumb, like running after the mosquito spraying truck.
  • Make the point that listening to parents is a good idea so you don’t do dumb things like that.
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