Editor’s Note:  We shared this resource with you in February of this year. Carol wrote her article 6 weeks ago before Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina and devastated families. Encouraging children in difficult situations doesn’t wait for a hurricane, but this seems a timely reminder to be ready – whenever – with a God-used resource.

Following the disaster of 9/11, CEF President Reese Kauffman was burdened to develop a tool to minister to children in the wake of tragedy and to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
After talking to children, parents, teachers and first responders in New York City, staffers developed the 16-page Do You Wonder Why? booklet in early 2002. The booklet answers hard questions children can ask when disaster strikes or crises happen at home.
Thousands of copies of Wonder Why were printed and distributed to key locations throughout the U.S.



In the first three years following development, Operation Wonder Why was deployed:

  • In February 2003 following the Columbia space shuttle tragedy
  • After 4 hurricanes in Florida in 2004
  • In 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in Louisiana

To date CEF has distributed over one million copies of Do You Wonder Why? and keeps 50,000 booklets in stock – ready to distribute them as needed.

In the summer of 2017 after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, a pastor asked for gospel materials. That day CEF staff delivered 30,000 Wonder Why booklets. After one mother read the Do You Wonder Why? booklet she commented, “These are the very questions my kids are asking.”
Is there a child you know who is walking through hard circumstances and would benefit from this booklet? Visit cefonline.com/doyouwonderwhy to download a sample of the booklet or purchase a supply through CEF Press.