I have been involved in children’s ministry for 38 years.

During January 2017, I noticed that our children’s Sunday school attendance was very low. Then in July 2017, I was invited to observe a CEF Good News 5-Day Club. The club was held at the school yard at Bassette Elementary School by Dianne Tate and Jackie Daniels.

While observing the program and the lessons I noticed how the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented to the children of that community. The games they played all revolved around learning the Word of God.

That year we were able to establish an after-school Good News Club at the Bassette ES in Hampton, VA. It became a burden when I saw how excited the children were to receive the teaching of the Gospel.
Many of those children were saved and were baptized and now are attending our church. I was blessed to see how God had changed their lives, AND how God had used them to bring their parents to church.

God burdened my heart to get involved in communities through 5-Day Clubs during summer months. As a result, I was able to establish relationships with the parents of several communities and to create community outreach activities. It was clear that God used children to reach their loved ones for Christ. Many parents who were not attending church are now attending.

Our children’s Sunday school class has tripled. That has allowed us to establish new outreach ministries to include young men 13-25 years old – teaching and training in church ministry.

I’ve learned that the hearts of children are open and eager to learn the Word of God. Children are able to trust God and then reach people of all ages. Their hearts were changed and they became better students with good testimonies at home, school, and their community.

Written by Milton Gatling
GNC Leader at Bassette ES & CEFP Committee Member