A Tribute to Tom Boor

We in CEF of Peninsula are going to miss Tom Boor as the CEF of Peninsula Ministry Coordinator as he resigns this position effective 31 December 2018. Tom is known for his pioneering spirit of starting new ministry and for his heart passion to reach unchurched children with the gospel as reflected in his Every Child thinking.

Tom has been associated with CEF for nearly 30 years, for the past 15 years serving full-time in CEF of VA. This is a brief synopsis of Tom’s early service:

  • In late 80’s served on the Local Committee of the original Peninsula Chapter.
  • Served on the State Board for two terms before the Lord called into full-time service.
  • In 2004, completed the CEF Children’s Ministry Institute’s 12-week course for Local Directors.
  • Assigned to CEF of VA state office as a ministry coordinator and later as Assistant State Director where began pioneering in the Williamsburg and Peninsula area starting 4 Good News Clubs (GNC’s).
  • Hired by the Richmond Chapter for 2 years and started over 10 GNC’s.
  • Pioneered the Lynchburg area starting 11 GNC’s, organizing a Local Committee,
    and recruiting a local Director.

Then in 2012, Tom was assigned to re-establish the Peninsula Chapter. He immediately formed a Local Committee and coordinated the Peninsula charter process, establishing the Peninsula Chapter. The Peninsula ministry is vibrant with 11 GNC’s ongoing and more being developed. Most important is Tom’s strategy to recruit volunteers willing to give extra time in reaching kids and assign them to chapter staff positions overseeing prayer, training, and GNC coordination.

Because he was nearing retirement age, Tom has been strategizing on how the ministry would continue. God has blessed his plans. During the past two years, Tom has passed the work and responsibility of the major functions to volunteer chapter staff and promoted hiring a chapter administrator.

With the discovery of Multiple Myeloma, the all-volunteer plan is being implemented earlier than thought. The additional Director duties are assigned to Kevin Mooers, another volunteer serving as the Chapter Committee Chairman. Chapter leadership is in place and the ministry continues to grow. Looking back, that has always been God’s plan!

For the next 6 months Tom will be focusing on preparation for and recovery from a stem cell bone marrow transplant. You can follow his journal entries and prayer requests at www.caringbridge.org/visit/tomboor. We need everyone’s continued prayers for Tom and his wife, Judy.

While Tom’s illness has accelerated the timetable of his resignation, his passion for children continues in his heart. God has given Tom a vision for helping churches with evangelism of children through training and services.

The concept starts with teaching parents to evangelize their own children. Then Tom will support parents and the church in discipling them through the elementary and teenage years with CEF providing much-needed child evangelism training and missionary experiences. The intended outcome is for churches to produce strong followers of Jesus Christ who can evangelize children and their peers. So, while Tom will not be officially working for CEF in the future, he will be a strong adjacent partner referring churches into CEF ministry.

The concept starts with teaching parents to evangelize their own children.

Tom‘s 30 years of dedicated service leave a strong legacy not only with the Peninsula Chapter, but also across the state. While he can be credited for contributing to starting over 40 GNC’s, the greatest impact cannot be measured: children reached for eternity. Perhaps Tom will be best known for starting chapters and establishing volunteer chapter staff who continue chapter ministry today.

We pray for Tom’s compete recovery from Multiple Myeloma, and Judy’s health and stamina as she is caring her husband. We pray for God’s blessing as Tom follows God in developing his vision for challenging churches to “Do more, reach more children.”

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Soli Deo Gloria,

Kevin Mooers
CEF of Peninsula Committee Chairman