These questions are those we are frequently asked by volunteers at the beginning of every school year and then throughout the season.  We hope they help. 

A template for making a prayer jar for each small group is found here on our GNC Resources page. Rinse and save 15.5 oz soup cans. Cover with the clipart template of boy and girl praying. Use the blue “bank jar” lid available through CEF press. Your team will want to have a small group shepherd (and prayer jar) for every 6-8 children enrolled.

Each small group shepherd will pick the name of one child in his/her group to receive a prize for listening intently (zipping and raising hand to talk) at the end of club. The name is chosen at random at the beginning of club. When dismissed to small group at the end of club to gather backpacks, memory verses, the shepherd announces who was chosen as the quiet seat and awards a prize. If the child whose name was chosen does not earn the prize (listen quietly and respect others), nothing is mentioned and name is returned to quiet seat jar for another try.

Yes! Remember that a Good News Club is by design an outreach tool meant to grab and hold the attention of children who have never entered a church building. We are competing with fast-paced video games and television comics for the minds of these little ones. Also, if there is a vacuum, children love to fill it with their own activities and antics.

The rehearsal club is necessary in order to fine-tune transitions from one teaching segment of the club to another. Seamless hand-offs will keep the attention of club members, build excitement, and greatly reduce behavioral issues!